In 2004 Andy Chaggar lost his partner, and almost his life, when the tsunami slammed into Thailand. The disaster changed his life forever.

Andy’s subsequent humanitarian work has raised over £1 million pounds and helped over 23,000 of his fellow disaster survivors in five countries, including Thailand where he bravely returned to volunteer after the tsunami.

Now a father to a beautiful daughter, Andy currently leads Talent RISE UK, a charity that empowers young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds like his own, to access job, apprenticeship and work experience opportunities.

Since surviving the tsunami Andy has inspired and motivated thousands of volunteers and young people alike to positively change their own lives and the lives of others.

Andy’s powerful story of resilience and growth has been featured in a wide range of international, national and local media, in print, and on radio and television, most recently in August 2021 when his story featured in the 3-part Channel 5 documentary ‘The Boxing Day Tsunami‘. Andy is now available to share his story online and face-to-face.

Andy can tailor his talk to meet your precise needs, while describing his personal and professional journey from disaster survivor to charity leader and father. Many of his key messages will resonate in the wake of Covid-19 and lockdowns, and Andy’s clients can vouch for his ability to inspire, motivate and engage your audience from beginning to end, by sharing his story with honesty, humour and humility.  

Whether it’s for a team-building “digi-drinks”, a staff “wellness” session, a motivational “lunch & learn” or a conference, Andy comes highly recommended.

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